About Us

Welcome to the John Werner Youth Soccer League located in the southwestern Vermont area.

The League is comprised of 9 Clubs from southwestern Vermont and eastern New York areas.

The league is run by a board of directors with an adminstrator from each town.

The League President is Pam Grestel from Taconic(Berlin)

The League Secretary is Heather McNulty from Cambridge

Current Town Administrators are:

Town Name Email Phone
Arlington Rose Caggiano rose424@comcast.net 802-379-2218
Bennington Vermont Voltage
Bennington Frank Cody fcody@lovecody.com 802-442-5552
Cambridge Heather McNulty cysregistrar@gmail.com 518-320-6153
Greenwich Tim Kelleher tkelleher2@nycap.rr.com 518-692-9136 or 518-788-6322
Greenwich Parice Abate ( register) greenwichsoccer@gmail.com 518-692-1734
Hoosick Falls Jan Kimball jkimball@sternberggorman.com 518-429-7658
Manchester Steve Houseman steve@gatehousefinacial.com
Manchester Barry Brown barry@phoneco.com 802-362-0102
NorShaft Melissa Morrison norshaftsoccer@gmail.com 802-379-8292
Taconic Pam Gerstel pggerstel@gmail.com 518-658-2977
Taconic Nancy Sweener jnsweener@fairpoint.net 518-429-7658
West River Jennie Freeman freemanbaamas@yahoo.com 802-824-5289
West River Jack Pennypacker jppennypvt@yahoo.com 802-824-5289