Rules of Play

Southwest Vermont League Rules

All Levels

  1. Philosophy is kids first: winning, egos, etc., second
  2. No slide tackling.
  3. Allowances are made for co-ed teams when a town does not have a girl’s team for a particular grade.
  4. Shin guards are mandatory.
  5. Players can play up one grade level but not down.
  6. Size four balls.
  7. Teams on one side, spectators on the other.
  8. No flip throw-ins.
  9. Coaches must carry medical release forms all times.
  10. No overtimes.
  11. Players should receive roughly equal playing time.
  12. United States Soccer Federation rules apply (the same as FIFA) and slightly different than high school (National Federation) rules.
  13. Jewelry may not be worn during play.
  14. All games are played 8 v 8.
  15. Recommended field measurements:
    60 – 80 yards long; 40 yards wide;
    6 x 18 feet goal;
    10 x 24 yard penalty area;
    7 yard center circle.
  16. No heading allowed as per national guidelines.
  17. No punting/drop kicking by the the goalkeeper.
  18. On all goalie possessions, the opponents must drop behind the yellow build out line and cannot enter until the ball is played (changed from touched by a second player). This complies with US Youth Soccer rules on this matter.

3rd/4th Grade:

  1. Retake illegal throw in one time only
  2. No penalty kicks; take direct kick outside the box
  3. Goal kicks are taken from the edge of the penalty box, not the goalie area (six yard line); other team should be 10 yards away.
  4. Offsides called when team gains obvious advantage; explain rule. If a player is constantly offside, stop play and explain rule; restart with a drop ball.
  5. 4 fifteen minute quarters with running time.
  6. Substitutions: any time play is stopped. Keeper may be substituted, as would any other player; however referee must be notified and clock is stopped for any uniform change.

5th/6th Grade:

Same rules as 3rd/4th grade but add:

  1. No retakes on throw ins, penalty kicks
  2. 30 minute halves vs. 15 minute quarters